What Is Spyware And How Is It Spread?

If you own a computer and surf the Internet regularly, then chances are that you have received at least one email asking you to click on a link and confirm your Windows smartphone or tablet OS version. Maybe you have received several of these requests over the last few days. They all sound the same to me…What are these people saying? I thought they were friends or family…

Dear such and such: I’ve been in touch with a few people who might be interested in your wireless smartphone or tablet. I’ve picked up a few things on the net that might interest you. Could you please take a look? I’ll try to find something for you to download. Just for fun, I’ve decided to include a few gifts that I got from mycroft.com too. Care to give me a few details about the items you would like to download? Here is a link to the items:

white blue yellow and red hot air balloon


I also noticed that a lot of these items were available for sale on third party sites. I wonder which site these people are visiting…

With your help, I’ll be able to give back to you some money for your time. If you’ll kindly assist me, I’ll give you first chance to get it. Thank you, Mr. Felix Afuwa

It sounds like it is too good to be true… It probably is. This is what the people behind these ‘phishing’ scams want you to do. You need to be aware that these emails are nothing but a carefully thought out fake that will stop you in your tracks, and cause you to get victimized by these scams. Take a quick look at the above mentioned links and help me put a stop to these frauds. You might even consider giving money in return for a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn unbelievable profits. What are you thoughts?

attached is the ‘permission’ form to the attached link. You will need to click on the link and then a small window will ask you for your personal information. Kindly reference the link when you decide to download and/or purchase something.

If you decided to purchase something, then you will want to check the site first to see if there are any complaints about the product. Then you can do a quick check of the affiliate statement to see if what you are hearing is correct.

Sometimes, just reading the sales copy and knowing what you are buying into will prevent you from being scammed. I mean, they know what they are doing, so don’t let yourself be so easily taken in. If you are shopping on a site and a lot of products are being sold to you, then you will want to check to see about their reputation. Are their products any good? Will this company continue to sell products in the future? What changes need to be made in the future? Will this company pass onto others if theirs crosses a morals line? These are questions that will help you to decide whether or not to download something for yourself.

You will find Nine different kinds of insurance on your computer. You will want to protect yourself every time you open your computer. There are so many software programs out there that can help you stay safe. Softcop is one of the leading products. This program can be downloaded directly onto your computer and it detects and removes spyware, adware, and viruses that can harm your computer. If it determines that your computer has a virus, it will provide the appropriate actions to stop the virus in its tracks.

It’s great to have the latest product or service to keep your computer safe. But, you need to be aware that the threats out there are always evolving and changing. You can’t be stuck with the same protection program for the next ten years. You will want to download one today that can detect and remove viruses. There are some threats that are considered major. A Norton product from ten years ago would not have caught many of the viruses out there. Today, however, it is considered good enough.

Providing you with the right amount of security can prevent you from losing important document, family pictures etc. Every year people lose records, computer systems and many other things. They become helpless to do anything about it. Whereas, a Norton will cover you against redundant trouble. It will never slow you down or put you to sleep.

Lately, viruses and spyware have been evolving. They are getting smarter, too. They are acquiring new parts, new types of behaviors, and new emails that disguise themselves. You need a program or a system that can give you the right amount security so that you can perform safely and ahead of schedule. For Internet users, AVG Free is a great choice.

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What Is Spyware And How Is It Spread?
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