Preserving Internet Freedom And Users’ Security

Ideally, the Internet is synonymous with freedom. That is, the freedom to explore and the freedom to learn new things, the freedom to read or view anything that we are inclined to and even the freedom to earn income for free. Indeed, this technology is far from technical as it has become one of man’s most convenient forms of expression. To curtail this freedom is to defeat the whole purpose of the Internet itself.

The web is one free zone of information which can be used for a myriad of purposes, from business to personal. This is also what makes the Internet a universal hit. There is something about its innate ability to promote a user’s sense of being by affording him, among others, a way of realizing his dreams through its e-commerce functionality or simply providing a venue for verbal expression with blogs.

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If one were to appreciate this technology, it would be easy to simply accept all that freedom and start taking advantage of it it from end to end. However, the greater point of appreciation must be the freedom to choose what to make out of this very freedom. There are and there will always be websites that promote thoughts, ideas and activities that run against a user’s moral beliefs. If one does not seek these sites out on purpose, they will remain at bay. Therefore, it will always be the user’s choice as to what the Internet will or will not bring him. But then again, while it is tempting to simply resign reality to his point of argument, fact remains that while you do not seek these unwanted online elements out, they have a way of seeking you.

This is why security of your computer is essential if you only want the best of the Internet and leave its ugly side unexplored. This is especially necessary when there are children who need to do some research for their schoolwork. When your computer does not have the necessary security tools, the kids may just end up exploring websites that could be unhealthy for the physical and mental well-being of the entire family unit. Or worse, they could start downloading what they believe to be legitimate files they need for homework when, in fact, these files carry viruses or even keyloggers. This is when Internet security might be very crucial.

Viruses are common on the web, especially when you have a DSL connection, but it does’t mean that there’s no way for you to fight them. As a basic security precaution, you must have an anti-virus software installed and regularly updated. Your firewall should also be up and working.

Sometimes, it gets to be difficult to get into websites because your security software would tend to block those that may be suspected of being unsafe. However, this is for your own security. Sometimes, the element of freedom might be controlled to a certain degree but who needs absolute freedom when the price is your online security? Identity theft depths are on the rise and the only way out is through. Make no mistake, the Internet is far from being a safe place.

So if you feel like you have a safety problem that cannot be solved by using security software, then maybe it is time to switch places with that piece of technology. You must remember that the Internet is, of course, a free zone. However, some people just might not be comfortable entering into these agreements and hence, they would prefer not to use the online services. Hence, there are still many dangers waiting to attack if you do not have enough freedom on your part.

While the developing world is slowly catching up to the world of developed nations in terms of population and wealth, unfortunately, this aspect of human existence is still poorer in some parts of the world. Nonetheless, the Internet has become a powerful technical tool for both demand and production. By using this technology, one can parallel the world from end to end and create the possibility of a global village. However, as long as there are those who are treated as criminals or as victims, there will always be a need for protection.

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Preserving Internet Freedom And Users’ Security
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