Internet Security 101

If you’re not technically knowledgeable about computers, you probably don’t know enough about the Internet either, much less Internet security. mislead via social networking sites arrange online meetings, exchange embarrassing pictures or worst, plain old fashioned spam.

Here are Common Internet Security Threats and How to Defend Against Them.

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1. Spyware

Spyware is software designed to hide on your computer without your knowledge. The best type of protection software is one system that utilizes two or more of these techniques to strengthen protection against both known and unknown viruses. This includes an anti-virus program, anti-spyware and a firewall.

2. Spam

Spam is junk emails or bulk e-mail intended to get the user to open it. It also stands as a representative of unsolicited e-mail, and is usually sends in bulk to every other e-mail address in the distribution list.

3. Spoofing

Spoofing is a technique used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to computer systems. This is accomplished by sending an e-mail that appears to be from a valid source, such as an Internet Service Provider. When the e-mail is opened, it authenticates the spoofed source, and blocks any attempts to port its contents to a different computer.

4. Social Engineering

Social engineering is a set of techniques used by hackers to obtain access to computer systems and sensitive information. This can include opening ports on the computer, exploiting software vulnerabilities and running external programs on the affected computer.

5. Phishing

Spoofing and social engineering aren’t the only problems that can be thwarted by adequate Internet security. Sometimes, the key to security is preventing unauthorized access to your computer in the first place. Phishing is one strategy many are familiar with, as the e-mail appears to come from a credible source, but it is actually designed to trick the recipient into opening it, thus allowing the hacker to have access to his or her computer.

6. Denial of service

A denial of service attack is one that repeatedly blocks or overloads a computer network, causing it to slow down or crash.

7. Distributed Denial of Service

Another form of zombie network is known as a distributed denial of service attack. This attack applies a network-wide resource hog to make the computer network visible to users on the Internet. The problem is that once the resource is hogged, the network will be unavailable to its users, effectivelyarding access to all sessions on the network.

8. E-mail Scam

E-mail scams are getting better and more personal. The BBC reported that new types of 419 scam involve not only extending credit cards but also asking for help to sell drugs.

9. Fake Lotteries

In a phony lottery there are no winning numbers, and no one is ever going to pay for a ‘sweat of your brow’ coalition or sex for money. Please do not send me any more e-mail appealing for help on ‘my S.E.O.”

10. Paypal Scam

This is one of the stealthiest, and most pervasive, scams. A builder will receive an e-mail signed by a rich foreigner who needs help moving millions of dollars of his overseas accounts, usually to relatives who will not be watching over the allies. In exchange for your help, you will be promised a large percentage of the funds for you to keep. In reality, no payment will ever be sent and you will also be charged hidden fees and other fees by your bank.

Overpayment Scams

Here is one I received yesterday:


I have a AWESOME offer for you today only for a very small amount. But, the condition is such that normally, no one would pay that kind of money only to be trapped in some potlatch deal or forced sale. However, since the turn of the century, millions of people have been lured into such a scam and some have even lost their life savings in that “good time” while others were just “to easy” to victimize. They all had money in their pockets and even some had expensive cars and goods on their property (it was all fake) but they were just too desperate to see it. Please, I implore you to please take this offer on and help me get my life in order, so that I can pay back all the money that others have sent me and buy myself a really great apartment complex with the wonderful people that have made this possible. Since the papers are in my due diligence, I am restricted to send only these few people and they must be sure to inspect my files and letters to confirm that what I present to you is true. If you’ll just help me, I’ll reveal my BIN as soon as I return from my trip on 14th Sep.

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Internet Security 101
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