These Are The Hackers Of Our Life

Dear Mr. Hacker

I hope your head hurts this morning and I hope your fingernails fall out…

man in black coat walking on sidewalk during daytime

I had to think about this email you sent me and I finally came up with a serious of ways to tell you that it came back to haunt you.

You see, when you sent me the check for the $400.00, you told me it would be sent through Western Union and that once it was transferred to you, you would reply to me through my bank, which would link your bank directly to me, so that’s how I would be able to track it down.

You said you would also require a Gibson checksummer, just so you know for sure the check was sent successfully, so that way, I would know immediately and be able to disclaim my loss.

Hackers, for instance, will send a harmless looking email which will, upon opening, request the recipient to reply to them through the contactless internet number that they provided, in order to resolve a problem or provide some important information.

The problem is, this email is fiction. How could it have been sent if it was accurately provided? The email is constructed in such a way that it looks like it came from the person it is posing as. It may well be a notorious con artist who constructed the email and continues to build up a Google alert for this supposed person.

However, the email is not real. In fact, it is most likely a web based ant-virus scam, which is being sold to desperate would be hackers who want to get some quick money.

The email will list a few problems that the said hacker is having with your site and they will urge the reader to visit the site to help them. Of course, doing what they ask and entering all the information they asked for is a red flag and will likely result in them slipping up and leaving you open for an unsuspecting attack.

It’s not the kind of thing you want to experience but it is what you must do if you have a business that is dependent on traffic.

A website may look safe and possess all the proper contact information and security features. You may view it as a sign of good things to come when you are busy working on the computer. That is, until you start seeing attacks daily and you realize that all the hard work you put in is being destroyed.

By then, it is likely that your website will already be ruined and you will probably lose a lot of business if you do not have a good company protection program in place.

Expert Hostage Consulting is one of a kind solution to so many problems that software programs and information technology are having today. With this program, security is easily accessible for any small or large company that needs it.

Should you consider hiring out your data? Experts agree that hosting a huge amount of data in the computer systems may one day be considered safer and more financially feasible than storing the data in a variety of different places.

Here are some of the cost saving measures you can observe:

Data is Safer:Hosting your data on a third party server ensures that you have control over who has access to your records, which means you won’t have to manage additional passwords and further shredding your information.

It is also a great way to distribute the work because, well frankly, don’t want to waste anyone’s time checking into this if they can spend their time checking into Facebook or Twitter.

Data is Categorized:Part of the security feature being introduced by experts is the ability to categorize your records by date/after date. So, instead of having to manually input dates and times to your web forms, this feature allows you to do it through an automated program. This automation allows your web host to focus on sales instead of managing your site’s security.

And the best part of it all is that this program is FREE!

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These Are The Hackers Of Our Life
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