Spyware Removal – How Online Predators Work

Social Networking Websites are places where people often spend a lot of time.  These websites are filled with all sorts of information, games, music, and just the things that you find interesting (or not so interesting depending on your point of view).  Artists and writers would often put their all in to create something that would not look out of place on a social networking website.  The problem is that these people are not thinking about security.

Although you may have a profile on MySpace, chances are that you also have an profile on another website. Obvious reasons why you may have multiple profiles are for displaying off-line activities, such as the pictures you took while visiting Everglades, or the latest party photos. There are however other, more personal reasons why you may have additional profiles.

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Why you may have additional profiles

The main reason you have additional profiles is for displaying pictures of yourself. When you make multiple profiles, you can choose which pictures to post and when you would like to post them. Like MySpace, pictures that you post on other websites can be viewed by both members of your current network as well as potential new ones. Additionally, you can also use the same picture of yourself on your original profile, in case you also want to receive emails from potential new friends.

You can make sure that the pictures that you post are not damaging to your future reputation by entering into an agreement with your current online friend. When you post an image that is considered to be in the public domain, you will need to obtain the agreement of the picture’s use before you post it.

Think about what you post online every day. Whether you do it in public forums or in chat rooms, before you post anything, think about what you are doing. What pictures would you post if you were having sex? Perhaps you have a blog. If so, would you post pictures that are sexual or contain strong sexual content? Most people would say no, but once you start putting yourself out there, it is just like signing your name to an agreement for sexual services. You have to know when to shut up and shut up is not an option in this case.

6. Use protection –

Using protection on your computer will help keep things from being posted on your profile. Each time you go online, you open yourself up to the possibility of unwanted visitors stealing from you, your profile being hacked and your information utilized by other people. With that said, each time you go online you are going to publish information about yourself that can be easily exploited by people who track you via your profile.

7. Personal information

Having your photo taken and posting it to your profile can create unwanted traffic to your website. If you don’t post a statement about where you are from, how can people find you via a photo? Creating a profile that is not primarily about you and your life is more important.

8. Links

Since links are now an integral part of website navigation, be sure to create links to only relevant sites. Create a second page for each link you want to provide, since creating a second page for each link where the main page would lead them to may make things easier for webmasters to index those links or rank them higher in search engine results.

9. Categorize information

Since information is becoming more group specific, organizations are now able to use this to gain access to information about you, your colleagues, and even your friends. Never, ever share this information with anyone, for fear of those who may have ill intentions.

10. Keep your passwords private

While creating a password for your profile, don’t include information that is not almost trivial to guess, such as your mother’s maiden name or the name of your favorite musical group. In addition, include passwords that are easy to remember, such as the first few letters of the alphabet. If you have struggled to remember this information and it is now a nightmare, remember that there are many systems made to help people remember passwords like this. Once you make a secondary password, be sure that you use a system that can’t easily be hacked, is distributed among a few people, and is set to expire after a period of time. This prevents someone from going through your files and downloading your keylogger software.

These tips came from some of the best SEO experts I have ever dealt with. For any of them who may be reading this I offer my sincere thanks for sharing this incredible information.

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Spyware Removal – How Online Predators Work
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