How To Protect Yourself From Internet Fraud

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Desperate? You’re Ripe for Internet Fraud

So what do you do if you find yourself the victim of an internet scam? Without a crime in defence though, it’s hard to say anything with any confidence – especially since the cost of going to court is dramatically higher than any cost the victim can face in the event of being robbed.

There are perhaps fewer than 5 legitimate companies in existence that are actually capable ofverified refunding. Of those that are, most only have an address and phone number to go by, and they are further limited in how they can be contacted.

Ask yourself this question – how long has the company been in existence? Less than a year, and they’ve fallen oh so far short of being able to supply a Refund Policy and Information page.

If they’ve fallen even further, and you’ve got a problem, how do you even get to them? Well, they’re not going to be able to do anything about it unless you first involve them in a dispute. And even then, if they’re even asked, it’s likely to be on an off-hand basis, and not on the basis that you’re being sought for legal advice.

You can’t turn to the company directly and ask them how they’d proceed if you had a problem, because they won’t have the capacity to understand your needs. You have to put the burden solely on the company in order to get resolution.

Let’s say you found a seller’s product on sale. Maybe it was a fake, but you didn’t expect it, and you’re not about to fall for it anyway. What you want to do is report the seller to their local agency as soon as you have knowledge of the scam.

by doing this, you are putting a stop to it being passed around, and you are giving the seller the chance to prove they did nothing wrong. If they don’t, you know you will have the authority to report them to their local authorities for investigation.

Details of the scam can be hard to dispute, because they’ve been passed from one to another in an electronic packet. Once you see the scam in action, you can’t dispute details that were in the packet.

This is exactly why you need to set up an internet payment system. You need someone to vouch for your seller and promote your business; and this vouch is able to use the power of online reputation to help with this.

Reciprocating electronic signatures is newly considered a legal method of doing business. Before the law was changed, it was against the law. Now it is okay, thanks to the internet. Everyone knows who is who in this regard.

It is impossible to deny that people safety is now in great danger, as a large number of hackers come up with new and more innovative ways to steal personal information. Remember when somebody rings your doorbell, and you answer it, and a man comes carrying a laptop computer carrying a script that searches for your home address?

Yeah, well your computer is safe now because a) when the guy opened the door to carry his bag, he didn’t notice that there was a computer in the bag, and b) he didn’t set the alarm manually, after all, he left his phone number in the house.

Your credit card number was recently stolen, but you didn’t spend the money because you thought it was a gift. You were just trusting too much in the person to whom the credit card was issued.

Who could have ever imagined that this is how these cyber criminals tricked you? Though there are some who prefer to call themselves hackers, most of them are normal people like you and me. They just want to enjoy swapping numbers with everybody else who has the same number. Besides, these people, like the phishers, also steal your information to be able to use it for their own petty purposes.

Phishing is the practice of setting up a fake bank site that will ask for your password and login details. They will then use this information to steal money from your account. Most of these sites are run by organized crime syndicates who will only stop at nothing when it comes to snuffing out the life of an Internet user. And this … this is the very concept of cyber crime.

Organized crime syndicates arrange cyber crimes in order to make money out of them. And this is how the systems administrator of the Internet receives threats to his or her computer system. When we are afraid of syndicates and crime we must think of the syndicates interests.

Are you ashamed to admit a loss from your business for which you have not been given proper value for? Do you think these attacks were not real or could have been avoided if you had been properly guarded? If you have assets of your own, do not let your assets be stolen by others.

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How To Protect Yourself From Internet Fraud
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