Is Your Email Private?

Is your email private? Many people are concerned about their privacy on the internet, there are even more people worry about their emails being hacked into or… how do I know that my email is being intercepted? While it’s true that the majority of messages sent and received via email are not intercepted by third parties, more and more messages are.asons vary from the simple message interception in order to the complete deletion of the messages from your hard drive, it’s still a worrying concern.

As computers have evolved so much over the last decade so much more data can be stored locally on a computer instead of being sent across the internet via email. In order for this to happen a special kind of connection is needed, this is made possible through secure portals that allow your computer to communicate with the Internet in a series of encrypted blocks. As a result, it’s able to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands, or hackers.


These special servers, or email secure boxes, are owned and operated by a company that uses them for its own purposes. No other person or organization is allowed to intercept or view your messages unless you have allowed them to do so.

Email secure boxes also feature a feature called end-to-end encryption, as I mentioned before these servers are not stateful. That means, your encrypted messages are sent from a secure source and then from your computer to the server and then from the server back to you. It all looks very interesting and it really sounds like a secure way to send information but unfortunately, it is not.

The main problem with email secure boxes is the fact that they are usually slow because of the numerous people accessing the server all at the same time. In addition, there is a considerable amount of manual configuration required to make it all work as intended.

There are also issues with spam, because as I mentioned before, some people tell you that their email is not being intercepted and it actually is being intercepted. Then, when you try to send an email, you discover that it isn’t coming through. Next thing you know, you have received a million requests for your email and it takes forever to get through them all.

Now, for those who would like to avoid having to worry about these problems, you can consider buying an email encryption service. These will take care of all the technical issues that you are having, including preventing un-encrypted messages from getting through and protecting your email from being hacked. You will receive a code to enter before you send any email for it to be encrypted. Once it is encrypted it will be sent through secure servers that are updated every 15 minutes to prevent hackers from breaking into your email.

By using these services you can also bypass certain restrictions that prevent you from sending through your regular mail servers. Many countries have very strict policies about sending through open systems, which are very limiting in their growth. Open systems also put limitations on what you can do with your email, thus you really need to consider what you are getting before you invest your hard earned money in such systems.

Additionally, you must choose one of the encryption systems because some of them are not able to keep up with the demands of today’s businesses. That is why they either don’t have the capacity or they don’t have the ability to keep up with the growing demand for professional email encryption services. That is why you must ensure that you do your research and do a careful search for the right encryption system.

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Is Your Email Private?
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