Feel Secure Using The Internet

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Blogging about wasn’t really worth the effort anymore.

I mean, the amount of people that look over at the things that I post and just skim through them is just overwhelming.

I mean, come on? Seriously, someone just skimmed over my blog and went to write an article about it.

I just can’t understand it. Blogging for a living is supposed to be professional and stuff… But, I just can’t seem to get over the fact that someone could actually copy and paste text from my site and ask for financial assistance for free.

It’s really gotten to the point where I can’t even enjoy the functionality of blog tools like Google BlogSearch, or Twitter.

They just don’t seem to have the right tools to protect the content that I have created, since I have to even admit that after awhile, it really gets old seeing the same posts over and over again.

Basically, I started to look for a way to share my experiences as I chronicle my own online travels and it occurred to me that there was a way for me to protect myself from being ripoffed.

So, I began to think of ways to basically hack it so that my website content would not only be protected, but would be able to reach its full potential.

I then started to think about setting up a membership site for international travelers and once I had a means to help travelers, I knew it would be feasible to try and stay on the up and up.

Next, I visited the various travel agency sites and reviewed various offers. I underwent a ton of arguments trying to decide which one to choose.

Once I did choose a travel agency that met my needs, I knew I could include friends and family members on the list too. Then finally I came up with the following:

1. Share work at home/stay at home parents – $3000.00 per year for 2 adults and $6,000.00 per year for each of three kids.

2. Work at home/Travel – $10,000.00 per year for 2 adults and $24,000.00 per year for each of three kids.

3. Travel – $6,000.00 per year for 2 adults and $15,000.00 per year for each of three kids.

4. Work at home/Single parents – $10,000.00 per year for 2 adults and $24,000.00 per year for each of three kids.

5. Single parents – $10,000.00 per year for 2 adults and $18,000.00 per year for each of three kids.

6. Child Support – With programs like VALUE Mode, available for mobile clients, and the recent settlement of the SC Family SEO case, it’s finally becoming harder for rogue spyware app owners to make money.

If you think that a stranger just walked into your door right now and is trying to buy baby products, you’ve probably talked to more than one person about how she found them on the Internet. I know your friends think that you’re so gullible, but you won’t realize until it’s too late. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

And for the record, my friends found these items on the second hand market. Who needs Netflix and DVD’s with your kid anymore? But you know what? I love that they can now have these things without having to spend any of their own money.

They just don’t know how good some of these programs can be. And on top of that, it’s really hard to block these programs from installing. Usually, these rogue programs install themselves through a Browser Hijack, Security Hijack or Win32/LorAnn. So, it really is hard to know when you are infected and until you remove the rogue, you are going to get infected again.

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Feel Secure Using The Internet
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