Unfortunately Fraudulent Credit Card Processing Sites Often Look Like Real Sites

If you handle or deal with credit cards on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard about fraudulent sites that are supposed to be real – but are not. We’ve all heard about people falling victims when reviews say that a particular company is guilty of failing to process shots, after an investigation supposedly finding that 80% of their sites were fraudulent. If you even once Though less than confident in your ability to evaluate a potential transaction, you better make sure that the company is reputable before you hand over your card to them.

Card processing scams are happening today, with more and more of them requiring that you trust your clients. While you can’t depend on your clients to be honest, you can make it difficult for them to be fraudulent. Here are some things to look for in a credit card processing company.


They shouldn’t be difficult to get to any real reputable company.

If you can Google the company and find their physical address, then you can get some telephones numbers, and if you can get someone to the phone line about the company, you might be able to talk to someone who would be able to help you.

They should have a physical address listed too, even if they list an e-mail address.

Finally, the company should have all of the seals it claims to have.

Not all credit card processing companies list all of these things, and while it’s not important to have all of them, having a few checkspatched to avoid fraudulent transactions is.

Banking information, billing information, and order details should be available.

They should be fully discloses in their policy statement whether they use an alternative number in order to process transactions, and if they do, how they are protected.

Promises should be kept, including whether they will shares at the minimum or at the maximum price the funds will be available to pay.

Policies should state whether they use SEFCU or not, as well as their policies regarding charge backs.

Protect your privacy.

Read all the Fine Print

There are many different types of credit card processing companies and you need to make sure that you are comparing the options correctly. If you read the many policies, you will find that one or more of the following are true.

1.Buyer has 30 days to respond to a chargeback claim.

2.The buyer has 10 days to file a counterclaim.

3.The bank or card processing company will temporarily or permanently suspend the card if they receive more than 3 unauthorized charge backs in a 30 day period.

If you believe that your bank is going to be removed from the mailing list permanently, then call and ask for your information to be removed. In some cases, your bank will automatically remove them from the mailing list after 30 days.

Beware of fraudulent ads.

One of the biggest threats for online shoppers is online fraud. You should be especially wary if you receive an email that asks you to submit your account information. Always look at the help section of the company’s website and compare their offer to the actual products and services they promised. Also, when reviewing other online shopping sites, such as those found on shopping sites like eBay, make sure that the company’s privacy policy is posted. This should be very important because it is possible that other shoppers have been victimized by this company and now you are a victim.

Confirm with the Seller that escrow service is a paid service

It is important to verify that the escrow service being offered is a paid one. Escrow services allow you to set up a secure payment processing service that will allow you to receive payment and ship products. It is important to verify that the escrow service being offered is a paid one so that you are not held responsible for payment that is sent to the seller or service provider.

Domain Registration

When you receive an escrow offer, you will want to check that the company website clearly states that they sell only registered or owned domains. If it reads “our domains are available now”, you should immediately call the company and inquire about their domain shopping service.

Shopping for Escrow Services

One thing that you must know about is the right way to purchase an escrow service. Many escrow companies sell shopping services as a convenience to their clients. However, they rarely tell you that their service is free. On the contrary, most companies usually charge you for their service, the majority of which is money. If you are a person that does not have a lot of money, perhaps you can think of getting some free escrow services. However, if you want a free escrow service, you can not use one that charges you. Instead, you should think of getting a free escrow service that can handle all of your escrow needs.

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Unfortunately Fraudulent Credit Card Processing Sites Often Look Like Real Sites
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