Trojan Virus Removal – How To Remove Trojan Wayland From Your PC Easily

Trojan wayland is a fake anti-spyware program which is basically a trick to mislead the computer user. This fake application performs fake scanning of the system and shows several false errors or warnings which indicates that your PC is infected. It also suggests you to make use of its licensed version but there is no difference between the tested and the un-tampered system. While accessing its database the Trojan wayland modifies the Windows registry and creates several files at different locations on the system. It also inserts itself into other important documents and affects the performance of the computer. When it is executed, it uses illicit techniques to disable the security programs and block the genuine anti-virus software. After that it creates shortcuts of several files and folders to Windows file system and takes over the running processes of the system. It downloads several hazardous programs like fake program files, fake antivirus files and other malware which can damages the PC badly. It is quite necessary to remove Trojan wayland from the system to avoid any further PC problems. So it is useful to prevent your PC from its infected location. So if you have an idea how to remove Trojan wayland from the system then good for you but have a little difficulty in recalling the manual removal procedure, then you can just follow the below mentioned steps.

There is a software named MyWebSearch Remote Control. This software allows you to use various remote control software to permanently keep a check on your PC as well as view the activities on the system through your Google calendar.

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Along with the MyWebSearch Remote Control software there are also other malicious programs like Web Alarm Pro and AVG Anti-Virus Plusero Auntie. These two programs are real rivals of each other which are nothing but pain in the neck for you to remove. The Web Alarm Pro can be removed manually but the AVG Anti-Virus Plus version can not be done manually as it needs a reboot to get rid of the existing malware programs.

Web Alarm Pro

The Web Alarm Pro is a big time virus which is created by many hackers and themes that prompt you to download them. Once downloaded and installed onto the computer it makes you very uneasy. It generates mails and sends them to various people which interrupt the working of the computer. The fake emails claim that your account password has been changed therefore you need to follow the guidelines given below. These viruses collect your personal information and sends it to the hackers. So, it is very essential to remove Web Alarm Pro immediately.

Actions of Web Alarm Pro

How to Remove Web Alarm Pro

Since this program is created with such a nasty infection, the manual removal steps are very difficult to perform. due to which you may encounter different error messages and encountered pop-ups while appliance removal is being attempted. So, it is advised to remove Web Alarm Pro using a removal tool.

How to remove Web Alarm Pro manual

Since manual removal is just about impossible and it also takes more time, you can adopt any of the reliable softwares that can remove Web Alarm Pro. You can choose Spyware Doctor 6, Windows PC Tools, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware Doctor etc. Use any one of them and perform a thorough scan of your system. Make sure you remove all the traces of files related to this fake application. You may also use PC Maintenance software to upgrade the performance of your computer and optimize the memory of your system.

Web Alarm Pro removal results

How to restore Web Alarm Pro

You can choose to restore your account of Web Alarm Pro using the application’s setup wizard. During the installation of the software, you are provided with different set of options which you can choose according to your online banking profile. Then you need to select the create a restore point and set it up, if you want to transfer the faulty information from your computer to the one created by the program. Finally, you are asked to enter the PIN number when you are asked to set a password. With the help of this password, you can easily access your restored account.

Web Alarm Pro is a fake application that brings about your computer’s ruin. It is advised to avoid it and remove this bogus application as soon as possible.

You can also remove other ventureware programs from your computer by using authentic Anti-Spyware software. It offers high detection rates and active protection against rogue applications, which continue to show false virus alerts even after the system security has been breached. It also prevents bogus scanning software from recurring again in your system. You can purchase the real Web Alarm Pro from their website and install it to your system.


A lot of care and careful handling of the above mentioned tools will help you to successfully execute the removal of Web Alarm Pro and other fake antivirus programs like it.

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Trojan Virus Removal – How To Remove Trojan Wayland From Your PC Easily
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