Clever Hackers – Don’t Get Caught By Them

Cunning hackers implement multiple vulnerabilities in order to gain access to a computer system. They first try to crack the password, after which they move on to other devices that hold data. Wireless Device Security is their main area of focus. Hackers have knowledge about wireless networking and can therefore easily scan the network with their sniffer.

They then install their malicious software, usually through email attachment, downloads executable programs and documents/icon from malicious sites and crams the device with malicious programs.

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1. What Will You Receive by Receiving a Malicious Email Attachment?

The hackers usually use an extensive blacklist of addresses to receive the attachments. You are very likely to receive multiple attachments, however, the chances are that only a few of them will be dangerous. The good news is that, you can avoid receiving dangerous emails by making use of add that restrict the number of recipients to those you know.

2. The Distribution of Devices

The hackers can use the device list provided by the device manufacturer to route devices to their location. Hackers can also use the unsecured wireless network to route devices too.

3. Utility Themselves

Some hackers also use legitimate network resources to send malware onto the network. If a hacker receives a modifying virus through legitimate means, the hacker can then use the modified virus to route attacks onto the network.

4. Hardware Key Loggers

These tiny programs copy the keystrokes entered on a keyboard and transmit the details to the hackers. This information can be pressed on a keyboard to initiate a transaction, enter passwords etc.

5. Telnet Hijacking

Text this to your friends and say you’re going on a lavish vacation (that sounds better than your other thoughts). Then complete your friends email and forward it to your new email address. Select “create account” then click on “sign out” tab and viola! Now you can’t browse your old emails because internet traffic couldn’t be routed through your old email account. That’s right!

6. Panda Antivirus and Worms

You must have heard of Panda Antivirus and Worm. Panda Antivirus is a rogue anti-spyware program which is actually a Trojan designed to trick users. You see Panda Antivirus might seems like a real anti-spyware but in reality it is a fake security software. It pretends to remove spyware when it detects them but in reality it only scams you into purchasing their fake website where you are actually lured into installing malicious software.

Worm is a malicious program which is actually a server which is malicious software that is installed on the victim’s computer. You might not be aware that you have been sending malicious software packages to your friends in disguise.

Everyday there are new virus and malware that is downloaded on to your computer so your productivity will be affected if you don’t use a secure web browser.

7. Web Bugs

These are little bits of code that are automatically delivered to your computer from a web server. Whether you are browsing the net, chatting or searching for information on the web, you are saving to your computer information that is identifiable to you.

Initially, the computer might be protected by a firewall which ensures that the outside world cannot access your information. But now that your information is on the web it is vulnerable to attack.

Therefore, using a secure browser is a good way to ensure that your computer is more secure and private. You can have a try with these 7 easy steps and see for yourself the difference.

Tired of being one step behind the competition? Improve your Internet security and give yourself a grasp of the current trends in technology. Fight being exploited by malicious hackers and unethical business practices.

Run faster and smoothly on the web with a reliable Internet browser that uses relatively small file downloads and has excellent security features. Do not cheat your system web browser with false security programs. Just simply go for one of the popular branded names in any of the popular categories.

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Clever Hackers – Don’t Get Caught By Them
Safeguarding Your Personal Data In Your System