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I guess I really haven’t done enough contribute to internet security. I guess that is why I am so shocked and dismayed by the amount of times I have seen hackers taking advantage of unsuspecting guests on Facebook or MySpace. But it is not just guests who need protection. It is us. How many well-intentioned, knowledgeable people actually allow their computers to be infected with malware, spyware, debilitating viruses, etc. We have become the ill-manners of the internet.

Recently, my client was tricked into executing malicious code when someone from his Facebook friend’s list received a link from someone else’s Facebook friend’s list. His client was completely unsuspecting because he actually followed all the Google instructions to remove the phishing link. The problem is, his client was being phished not once but twice. The first time was when he clicked the Facebook link to be removed from their friends list. The second time was when he clicked the link to be taken to his bank’s website to enter his login particulars. Because he was not aware of the fact that the link and the manna being offered were fraudulent, his client lost a lot of money. hard lesson to be aware of: be careful before clicking on links. You may be your clients, but you must be your friend. Be wise about clicking on unknown links. If not sure about the legitimacy of a link, don’t click on it. If you are unsure about your internet safety, don’t risk it. Protect yourself by checking the above tips. You can also employ the services of any online site which offers certified as expert help to avoid any fraud or malicious activity.

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As most are considering using Firefox as their primary internet browser, it stands to reason that other browsers such as Internet Explorer are also being considered. Will this make Firefox more secure than Internet Explorer? Although Firefox is open source, Microsoft has always been much more restrictive with their software. So, if you are using Firefox, you may not have to deal with as many security issues as those using more reliable browsers. But why is Internet Explorer more popular then Firefox? Is it really more secure then?

To begin with, you should know that IE is actually not as secure as most people believe. IE has a known exploit which is known as the ActiveX issue. ActiveX was created many years ago when webmasters wanted to include software behind a browser button. Because it is open source, it is impossible to control the contents of the final program. Some malicious folks writing malicious code can take advantage of this anonymity to insert their program into any page you click. Once this code is executed, it can load a remote website which is controlled by the attacker.

This is exactly the reason why many systems and networks are now protected by layer upon layer of security. To put it in simple terms, it is not different then saying, “If you have cake and you put it in the refrigerator, it will freeze”. Generally, you can’t delete something if it is frozen. So, if that cake is running, and you put your fruit in the refrigerator along with the cake, since the cake has been moist, the fruit will understandably freeze. The same principle applies to computers, websites, emails,anga and other digital forms. They all must be scanned or they will be accessed by hackers who will crack them and get the desired data.

The more security measures that are used, the better the chance is it will be accessed by the hacker. So, if you are using layers of security, the better your chances are of having your data secured.

For Anonymous Surfing, before you start browsing with your IP address, let’s make sure that you are surfing securely with a trusted proxy server. If you are not sure how to do this, read up about it and do some research before you buy into the idea. You can either go to our site and do a search or you can use Google to search.

The important thing to remember is that you need to protect your identity from hackers, server owners and even computer professionals. For Anonymous Surfing, this is vital. This is the reason we all use anonymous proxy servers to prevent ourselves from being subjected to unwanted monitoring and data tracking. This also helps us to shield our computers and makes them safe from malicious attacks. If you want to have a secured website, it helps to use one of these servers.

For reliable proxy servers that really put the “Internet Control Over SSL” to good use, check out the list below. Read the descriptions of each one carefully, find the one that is right for you and only then purchase and start using your new proxy.

Without a reliable proxy server that’s fast and that can handle your requests without slowing down your Internet speed, your online activities will be slower than you can see. Don’t you want to experience this? Unreliable proxies are a headache to manage and quite annoying to use.

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