Because Your PC Is Infected, Secure Your Fingers

There is no simple solution to the problem of computer infections. One of the reasons for this is that no software can tackle every instance of infection. So, while you have succeeded in getting rid of some pests with the help of your antivirus program, your work is not quite done.

If you keep putting off upgrading your antivirus program, you’re in for a bigger problem. It is believed that every two minutes a new Trojan or a virus is created to handle the holes in your software. And while every tech-savvy user knows that he should update his antivirus software regularly, some of us don’t. What then, happens if you keep on ignoring this simple advice?

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Your system is at risk and the hackers who continue finding new viruses every day will have something to do with that. If you’re infected, you’ll need to act quickly. In order to prevent damage to your computer and your personal details, you need to act quickly.

Taking action will begin with some basic measures:

StepOne: Back up your data.

If you’re using Windows, this is already done. But if you’re using some other operating system, follow these steps:

• Open the main program window• Click the Tools menu item in the top right corner• Click the Devices option in the left hand corner• Select the CD/DVD option• Click the option “Create a CD/DVD CDROM…”• Click the next button, “Select a location for your backup…”• Then, press the “Next” button to start the backup process…• When the backup process is done, you will have a window which will indicate that you can select either “Extend” or “Delete” the backup. If you click “Delete”, you will be brought back to the original computer setup screen. If you click “Extend”, you will get a message regarding the extension being deleted. This is when you computer will ask you if you want to continue, click “Yes”.• Then, you can select the folder where your backup program is located.• Then, press the “Next” button to start the backup process.• The backup program will take a while before it finishes, hence you should take a rest while it is uploading.• When it is done, you can delete the temporary files that are contained in the program to make sure that nothing else can happen to your computer.• You can also run the backup program to make sure that your computer is actually safe. If you don’t do this, then there is a big chance that your computer is not protected since the backup program and the antivirus software aren’t collaborating together.


Phishing is another online frauds that requires a great deal of computer know-how to avoid. Phishing is doing something through e-mails or on the Web to gain people’s financial information. Usually, there is no link that leads people to believe that the Web site is not a phishing site. Therefore, when you receive an e-mail related to phishing, you should never click the link but should instead type the company’s actual address into the browser’s address bar.

The presence of a bad site doesn’t necessarily mean that you will become a victim of phishing. However, it is always advised toSELECT ALL EMAILS FROM A LISTEN box.

Phishing and Internet fraud are very risky crimes which will require a lot of effort on the part of the victim to avoid becoming a victim.

However, there are certain measures that you can or should follow to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of phishing:

Enting your emails to anyone who asks for them

Not opening unsolicited e-mails

Not responding to e-mails that have obvious phishing links in them

Not downloading any programs from Web sites that you are not familiar with.

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Because Your PC Is Infected, Secure Your Fingers
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