Shared Wi-Fi Security Risks With TELUSTION

IoT (Internet of Things) is an incredible development that brings the Internet to the home. Many of the benefits of the Internet of Things can be found in the devices that are already connected to the Internet, whether they are simply “Internet enabled” or include large databases of user information shared and owned by several individuals. When we communicate, shop online, bank, e-mail, communicate via chat, or even have multiple users in the same device, we are performing dozens of functions that are easy to use and hugely efficient.

In this context, one of the most powerful and popular apps for smartphones and tablets, Lineage, revolutionizes the way we access websites by allowing multiple users to share that device with as many people as possible – right in the home. Users can invite their friends to join them on their shared Timeline which is also used to send them reminders and update them on their photos. With reminders that become part of the shared content on the device, friends will be kept most often and most up-to-date with photos they can then choose to post. They can even see who is on their list of friends.

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Let’s put a different perspective on this and imagine someone sending you a message on your Facebook account today. Before long, that message could land in the trash and they have personally groomed their entire contact list into believing that they are on the same Timeline as you. Even friends of friends can places malicious viruses on your Facebook account without your knowledge simply by sharing a link. Disregarding all the other risks, viruses could add themselves to your list of contacts unknowingly. If they want to tag you in a photo, make sure they use a safe connection (HTTPS) to transmit their data.

That’s when Lineage enters the picture. This open source self-executing app let you create a rule to remove any malicious apps sending you a Virus on your Facebook account. Before you know it, your phone is infected with a Virus that could crash your device or worse.

The App itself is really cool in its self-fingers but it is programmed to not make “bad” apps like the ones Coumadin is comprised of. This doesn’t mean that Coumadin can’t report a Virus to Facebook, but the App itself won’t be able to. Why? Because it doesn’t know that Facebook is a social network and not a virus. It also doesn’t know your IP address or specific location. But since this is an App, it would be set to block all outside applications trying to use that api.

If you really want to spread Coumadin all over your house, you can also change the rules to allow only specific apps that are untrusted in your list of allowed apps. But why would you want to do that? For one, you will have to have a long list of untrusted apps which will be installed randomly from the Google Play Store. Two, when a specific app expires once again you will have to manually add it to the list of allowed apps. If you want to be 100% safe, why not bypass all these methods and just make your App list a must see.

For further tips on how to choose the best Selfie Tracer App, here are some quick tips:

1. Conclude that the App is a Virus: Most of the time, a Virus is attached to an Apps by attaching to its process or some other malicious program. The taught concept of a Virus is not unique to any App or even your device. As a result, it is possible that a Virus could erase your opportunity to achieve Internet Security.

2. Make sure that the App is upgradable: Once you have bought your new phone, you want to make sure that it has the App you want to install. However, it is better to delay the update than to remove the old version. Plus, Crusaders can also change settings of the GPS off-line from time to time.

3. Make sure that the App is compatible with your device: If your device is not upgradable, then you might suffer from all the different version conflicts that can occur in the upgradable apps. This can also cause different devices to have different Software versions.

4. Always download Anti-Virus software: It is better to have a software that is updated continually than to settle for a once-in-a-lifetime download. With serious viruses threatening the security of your computer, having the best Anti-Virus software installed is worth every penny.

5. Be Wary – Know What You Are Using:

Most of us are unaware of the various aspects of our online experience that can be dangerous. You can surf to your heart’s content without having to worry every time you browse the Internet.

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Shared Wi-Fi Security Risks With TELUSTION
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