FADA Complaints On The Rises, But Who’s More Blinded?

The number of complaining parties seems to be on the increase, and with good reason. Fraudaware, a well-known anti-malware software provider appears to be doing very well for itself selling packages that rapists use to distribute their illegal content.

Geolocation Database

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In 2003 a web-based tool was created by two ex-pirates, one in Croatia and one in Sweden. After exposing the IP addresses of the servers the site was taken down by the HTTP_Keepers Council who threatened legal action. Knowing they could be easily identified, the two used a free proxy making it nearly impossible to track them.

Since then a number of other proxies have appeared and while some computers are choosing them up, others are choosing another kind of web proxy service that is accessed through the local computer. These in turn are often infected with viruses by hackers who in turn infect innocent users who become infected after visiting such sites.

EEOC Compliance

First of all, it is important to realize there are a lot of people behind these viruses. When the anonymous proxy service is used to block the victim’s IP address, it sends a message to the website with the IP address of the proxy. The website then attempts to send the request to the real server identifying the proxy.

If the computer user is behind a firewall, the request can get dropped or it can get through but it can’t be guaranteed it will be possible to know for sure. So, why take chances?

For example, a company today knows for a fact that computers at an office are using computersail.com for e-mail. Because of this, the computer at the office is one of the four computers authorized to use the computer. Nobody can install software or log-in to the computer without someone having to login to the computer and launch the attack.

Remote access is a possibility. In this case, the attacker uses some kind of remote access technique to gain access to the computer. In this case, the attacker uses some sort of wireless access point or USB port to connect to the computer.

Once connected, the attacker can do anything he wants or launch malicious code.

Viruses are most likely the culprits behind this attack. They have rogue drive-by downloads that still require the user to launch an application or visit a website to install malicious programs.

Web Applications

This is where the computer user is required to enter sensitive information into a website in order to be able to view or complete the task at hand. Many times a web application has its own security measures in place to prevent hackers from getting into the database of databases associated with the web application. These security measures could be institute to the web application usually through the use of a Secure Socket Layer.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. In many cases hackers do not want to hack your web applications. Most times their trips are made in order to advance some sort of malicious agenda. Hacking is simply too lucrative an activity for criminals to begin with. So, they will not bother to hack your database but will rather infect your computer with a virus. Once infected, a web application can be forced to execute an application that is not designed to be good. When this happens, many bad things can happen.

This is where anti-virus programs and firewalls come into play. Now, not all anti-virus and firewall programs are going to be able to detect all threats, so it is important to evaluate the programs that you choose for your computer. Your choice should allow you to try several different programs and determine which one suits your needs best.

Once you do this, you will be able to make the choice to install or not install the specific program or programs that you have detected are dangerous.

Backup of Important Files and Data

Computer security is all about protecting your important files and data so that you can store them safe for a time in case of emergency without having to worry. Setting up a backup system for your data and files is one of the best ways to protect your files and save yourself from loss in the event of a disaster.

Computers are Back

Computer security is not just about computers. It is also about protecting your life and your family. Although the internet is a good place to learn all kinds of new and different things, it is also a common place for misuses. What are some of these dangers that you need to watch out for?

Unfortunately, a computer virus is not the only threat to your computer. Other things that can harm your computer are follows such as misusing your storage devices, exposing your files to prying eyes, stealing passwords and much more.

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FADA Complaints On The Rises, But Who’s More Blinded?
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