Computer Scams – How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

With new con artists and fraudsters appearing online everyday, it’s hard to know when to trust a word or a deal. What’s important is that one should never underestimate the power of greed, and the ever-increasing level of fraud being perpetrated on the web.

When it comes to computer security, there is perhaps no more dependable industry guru than the computer guy. According to him, every computer used nowadays consists of’s wired-up to the net. In order to connect your computer to the net, you will need a connection of some kind. Now, in the case of a home computer, you can make a direct connection to the Internet via your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you have a laptop computer, then you can attain an Internet connection via a dial-up connection or a bridge connection. But, if you are connecting to the Internet via a router, you are automatically assigned a connection of some kind. Most of these connections are very weak and will do little to protect your computer.

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Get connect with a router and you can make use of dynamic IP addressing. With dynamic IP addressing, your IP address will change over time. It could be very well be anything from a single IP address to a couple of hundred. But don’t worry; many hackers will not be able to access your computer with these methods.

The most important issue with dynamic IP addressing is that some forget to turn it off.

How many computer crashes are caused by static IP addressing? Fewer, if ever, but it is extremely dangerous. Have you ever heard of “harmless” error messages appearing on your computer screen? How about slow running of your computer? Sluggishness is undoubtedly one of the effects. If you experience these symptoms, then it’s likely that your computer has been infected by a rude computer virus.

Is there a possibility that your computer can be infected with a trojan horse? Not on your life. But if you think it’s safe now, then I recommend you relax. Because chances are, at some point in the future, you’ll want to find a good computer security program and avert any Trojan Horse infection.

Perhaps the question is, why should you care about computer security anyway? For me, it’s personal. My computer work is always on the line. If I have something to give, I don’t want some geek to steal it. Besides, if I don’t hide my IP address, then some hacker is going to try and invade my privacy one day. Unknowingly, he will discover my real IP address and follow me to the ends of the earth.

Perhaps you are wondering why there is so much concern about possible malicious activity on the internet when it seems that very few people actually have an account on the Internet? It is simple, the majority of us have never even heard of most of the things called “scams” or “crimes” until after the fact. After all, these things are new to most of us.

Moreover, actually reporting cyber crime is pretty hard these days. Did you know that the majority of law enforcement agencies in the United States actually do not have any broad based computerized crime control requirements in place? Neither does the United States Department of Justice. For these reasons, hardworking Americans still are victimized everyday by cyber criminals.

The good news is, when it comes to computer security, there is proven, effective protection with a dependable Basics system. This is what you may expect from an expert who has seen the inside of a computer’s wall for over three decades.

The ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite does not waste your time with complex steps and difficult decisions. It is a quick and easy computer security protection program that uses clear text to send and receive messages and does not make security decisions.

Also, its firewall is unbound. That means you can securely surf the internet without having to worry about being bombarded with an endless stream of pop-ups, messages, and confusing ads. The ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is generic and blocks pop-ups, adds a signature firewall, and protects your computer from important internal files.

Face it, a firewall is the least you can do to protect your computer. Even though you may have a more powerful computer, a firewall will protect your files and data with simple, easy to understand prompts.

The ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite is easy to install and use. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface allows you to configure the system as you see fit. Features such as the spam filter are preset and will require no further intervention.

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Computer Scams – How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off
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