Can Unwanted Ads Harm Your Computer?

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If you’ve been infected with it, you probably already know that your computer has been invaded by ads. They have invaded your computer in such a way that you probably don’t even know how. Some have tried to delete Unwanted Ads and some have not.

What is it that makes your computer different now? Is it possible for others to see the information on your computer that was put there by the computer makers themselves?

Is it possible for others to track your history and see if you have tried to go to certain websites?

Is it possible to get your computer to download harmful software, that can damage your computer?

Is it possible to track your moves through your cookies, and see who you sent e-mails to?

Slow down your computer,

Does your computer run any slower?

Does your monitor light flash?

Do you see any unknown icons up on your desktop (Viruses,Spyware, Adware).

Has your homepage ever changed from what you selected to something else?

Do some of your keys seem to get stuck and not work on your computer?

Are you getting a lot of random error messages from your computer?

Are you unable to connect to the Internet?

Are you seeing a lot of error messages from your computer?

Does your computer fan or your computer device ever turn off or fail to start?

Are you looking for a way to find customer service support that will answer your questions and concerns?

Are you looking for a way to find software that will solve all your computer security problems?

Are you tired of viruses threatening your security?

Are you tired of having to do system restore to fix your computer?

Has your computer ever given you a virus?

Have you been tricked into thinking that you may have been infected by a virus?

Are you looking for a free way to try a new program or software?

Are you looking for a way to get rid of viruses that may be on your computer?

Are you worried that your computer is disabled and will slow down to nothing?

Does your computer have too many errors in it?

Has your computer or signature file(s) been corrupted many times?

Do you see any unknown alert messages or warning messages constantly displayed on your computer monitor?

Has your computer or program been tampered with?

Are you missing important files and data?

Have you tried to remove a parasite, but it is no longer making sense to do so?

Is it necessary to reformat the hard drive, reinstall Windows and/or otherwise reinstall your computer?

Have you tried to make your computer as air tight as possible?

Has the external hard drive you are using ever made it to your computer?

Does it appear that your computer has a virus infection on any level?

Are you aware that someone is probably constantly monitoring your computer activities?

Does it appear that your computer is smaller than normal or damaged?

Where is my computer slower than usual?

Has my computer or performance dropped off?

Has someone taken ownership of my computer or my hard drive?

Has someone downloaded my computer program(s) from the Internet?

Did they pay for my computer license?

Did they erase my record of downloads?

My computer is surely not doing what it used to…

Is it possible to make my computer do things it wasn’t meant to do?

Are you getting unwanted error messages, is it running slow, or is it flashing lights?

Have you tried to delete a problem file?

Your computer is probably hijacked (attacked) by a virus.

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Can Unwanted Ads Harm Your Computer?
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